Vendor - Edit All Bulk Vendor Information


Instead of manually edit one vendor at a time, the edit all feature allows you to edit the information in bulk.

You can modify information like Aliases, Billing Address,1099 eligibility, Contact information, Insurance information, and more without having to leave the page.


Helpful Hint:

This feature can also be used to export the vendor information to use as a Vendor information report. 


Step By Step 


1) Accounts Payable > Vendor > All Communities > Pencil Icon in top right corner

  • While in edit mode the following columns can be selected for updates:
      • Alias, Vendor Name, Insurance Info, Insurance Name, Insurance Type, Insurance Policy, and Insurance Expires as of.
  • All of the above columns can be sorted in ascending/descending order



Vendor Name: Search that uses whole or partial text of the vendor name

Status: By default will only show active. When you Select ‘all’ it will present both active and inactive and notify you of the vendor status.

When Active or Inactive are selected it will only present those vendors it will not prompt you to its status.

Insurance Name: Search that uses Contains

Insurance Types: Car insurance, Liability, No Insurance and Workers Comp are all options the Vendors can be sorted by

Insurance Policy: Search that uses full or partial text.

Insurance Expires as of:  placing a date in this field will present all insurances with no insurance dates OR any insurances with dates expiring on or before the date provided




On viewing the insurance columns with no filters beyond the preset the user will be presented with a list of Vendors in Alphabetical order based on the alias.


Only one insurance can show at a time. By default, the first insurance available will show on the populated list. This is done in priority order of Liability, Workers comp, Car insurance, and no insurance.


If/When there are more than one type of insurance the insurance being shown will be the one that was last added or edited.


In the case where “NO Insurance” is selected as a filter the User will be prompted in priority order the first insurance that has no insurance associated with it. Liability, workers comp, car insurance or No insurance.


Attachments: Clients can now add attachments to an insurance via the edit all insurance.


Note: Things that cannot currently be performed from the Edit All Insurance page:

  • The attachments included with the insurance cannot be viewed from this page.
  • If there are more than one type of a single insurance a user will only be able to edit the most recent insurance of that type.
  • Insurances cannot be deleted from this screen.


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