Automate AP - AP Inbox Dashboard Activity Feed


This article will provide a brief overview of the AP Inbox Activity functionality


NOTE: By default, you will see the last 30 days but can extend the history to 90 days


Permission settings:

AP Enter Invoices

View- Can see the AP Inbox and the invoices presented


Step By Step 

1) AP Inbox

Using the left navigation menu select AP Accounts Payable >Select AP Inbox

AP Inbox Image 1.png



2. Next select the top right tabular option Activity.


  • By default, all users will open the AP Inbox and it will populate in the ‘all communities’ view.
  • Only the communities the user has permission to view will be available to them.
  • Users can drill into a specific community and the header counts will automatically update to display invoices for the selected community.
  • The Inbox has a search function that can searched by “item contains”
  • Invoices can be sorted ascending and descending order by:
    • Due Date, AP #, Vendor, Action Date and amount

2) Status

  • Rejected- An invoice was rejected somewhere in or  between the AP Inbox and the Board approval process
  • Accepted – An invoice has been slated for payment

3) Action date

  • The final touch point date that made the presented invoice approved/rejected


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