Automate AP - AP Inbox Dashboard Overview and Approving an Invoice


This article will provide an overview of the AP Inbox Dashboard including the tools and a step-by-step guide to approve or reject invoices.


• Handwritten checks in Central do not go through approvals and will be posted.
• By default the AP Inbox view will be in ‘list’ view


Step By Step 

1) AP Inbox

• Go to AP Accounts Payable in the Left side menu bar of your Enumerate Central


AP Inbox Image 1.png


Next, select AP Inbox then choose the option at the top that says Inbox.


step 2 AP Approvals Overview..png

Note: By default, the AP Inbox will populate in the ‘all communities’ view.


Hint: When a user leaves if they have not set a specific community inbox the
AP Inbox will always revert back to the inbox they were originally launched.

  • Users can only access community invoices where they have been granted permission to that community.
  • Users can drill into a specific community and the header counts will automatically update to
    display invoices for the selected community.
  • To find items even faster, the Inbox has a search function that can be searched by “item contains”.
  • Invoices can be sorted in ascending and descending order by Due Date, AP#, Vendor, and Total.

Hint: For a user to be able to View, Accept, and Reject invoices in the AP Inbox they will need to be
granted access to the community. See how to enable permissions below.


Permission settings:

Enter Invoices-

  • Read- Allows a user to see the invoice
  • Create- Allows a user to Create invoices, use the OCR upload button, and Accept them from the AP
  • Update- Allows a user to edit invoices
  • Delete- Allows a user to Delete or Reject an invoice from the AP Inbox


2) Due Dates
• Invoices that have a current due date or are 7 days past due will be highlighted in yellow.
• Invoices that are overdue by 7+ days will be in red.
• Invoices that are not due at this time will not be highlighted.

3) Edit

  • All fields can be edited.
  • Changing the Association will move it to that association's inbox.
  • Distribution amounts must equal the total of the invoice to proceed

4) Approved Button

• When an invoice populates an “Approved” button this means all required fields are completed
(including Bill distribution) and the invoice can proceed to the next stage.
• After clicking approved, provided you have not set any additional approvals, the invoice
will move directly to AP Make Payment.

5) Reject Button
After selecting Reject:
• A Reject reason will be requested. It must be completed to proceed with rejection.
• After the rejection reason is entered, clicking the check mark will move the user forward with
the action and selecting the X will back them out.
• When proceeding with the rejection, the user that rejects the invoice will get an email
confirming that they have rejected the invoice, the reason given, the original invoice (PDF)
and the email from the original sender.
• The final status of the rejected invoice will populate in the AP Inbox Activity Feed


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