Set Community-Wide Default Settings for Delivery Preferences


You can now easily establish default settings for community owners all at once eliminating the need for individual updates. New owner profiles will automatically adhere to these preset configurations when created, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the board.


Step By Step 

1) Go to the Community Detail page and select, Owner Delivery Preference under “Related Links.”


2) You can adjust the delivery preference here. You can choose to use the select all toggles or a combination that suits your communities' preferences.


3) Once you’ve set the desired preference, you can select the Save button” to save the settings on that
page. You can then select Save and push to all to overwrite all owner's delivery preferences in
that community. 


4) Once the save button is pushed, you will get a banner message on your screen that reads, "Your
save action is completed."


5) If you select the save and push to all you will be asked to confirm the action.


6) If you click “Yes”, you will get a banner message at the bottom of your screen that reads, "Your
action has been completed. Please allow the system a few minutes to update your owners. No
further action is needed. Do not push the button again.”


7) When a new owner is created in this community the preset default will mimic what is saved here but you can always edit if needed as illustrated in step 2.



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