Delivery Preference Importing


The Delivery Preference import now contains a column in the CSV file that can be used to import properties and owners, so that users do not have to change it for everyone individually.

The system reads the value from the Delivery Preference column and sets it for owners. This is an optional parameter; if left blank, the default setting is Print.

Printing, emailing, or both are all practical solutions. This applies to all four statement kinds.
General mailings, CCR, Collections notifications, and Billing/Statements are all examples of general mailings.

A new column in the sample csv file is added to the import. Email needs to be in the correct format (email format) or else an error will populate. When an email is entered it will populate in the primary email address field.


Step By Step 

1) Navigate to Portfolio, then Communities. Go to the community you have not yet completed the
setup and click the warning tab reading 'Complete Community Setup'.


2) Click 'Properties & Owners' to get a list of CSV files. 


3) Establish a community for property owners. Click 'Properties.csv' to manually enter or import


4) After downloading, you may change the downloaded CSV file. The advantage of these columns are
that you do not have to update each property or owner individually. You can edit them all in the same file at the same time for efficiency.


5) After editing, save your changes. Check that everything you changed is reflected in the properties
and owners you imported. Go to Portfolio, then Community. Choose a community. 

6) Select Owners from the drop-down menu underneath the community. 


7) Scroll down until you reach Delivery Preferences. This section already shows which fields are
completed for each statement (General mailings, CCR, Collections notifications, and


8) To modify the information in the fields, go to Actions, then Edit Owner. 


9) Go ahead and scroll until you reach the delivery preferences again. You may now activate or
disable whether you want the report to be printed, emailed, or both. 


10) After you have made all the changes you want, click Save.



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