Multi-level Approvals for ARC Requests


This feature allows a multi-level workflow to approve or disapprove an Architectural Request. Including internal and external approvers.


Step By Step 

1) Navigate to the Admin page and scroll down to access the Related Links section.


2) Select Architectural Settings

2b) Next- select the gear icon next to the community to be set up.


3) On the settings menu, if internal approval is required, enable the internal Approval level toggle and select how many Internal approvals are required before this request can move forward.

• Only users assigned to that community can be added as internal approvers.
• Internal approvers must have the 'Maintain Records' edit/update option enabled under Arc Permissions.
• Any denial will mark the request as “denied”.

Note: This approval level is not required. 


4) The committee Approval level allows you to pick a specific committee to review, approve, or disapprove an architectural request.

• Note: An Architectural Committee MUST be set up beforehand for a community to allow for this setting to be enabled.

Committee members will need to review a request when this setting is NOT enabled. Any member of the committee can approve a request.

Any denial will mark the request as “Denied”. 


5) Authorized internal users can access the arc request on the Architectural Request page.
• Only users who are set up as approvers, will have access to approve or disapprove a request.
• Each request will indicate if internal or committee approvals are required and how many have been obtained. 


6) As an Arc Request is reviewed, approved, or disapproved, the history will be visible within each request. 





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