Accounts Payable Edit Paid Bills



The ability to edit the GL Expense Distribution on a BILL.



To make any edits post ‘paid’ to an invoice a user must have this AP Roles permission.

By default ADMINS and Account Owners will be set to ON in Roles.


Step By Step

1. Open the BILL and go to ACTIONS> Edit Bill


2. The only fields able to edit post ‘paid’ status with this release are Reference and Bill Distribution.

3. The user can edit and save their changes.

4. Once they save the user will be prompted with a modal requesting a reason for making a change post paid status.

Note: A reason is required to proceed with the update/change.

5. Once saved, all edits post paid status will be captured on the invoice activity feed including the user who made the changes and the reason for the change.

6. Additionally,  a *  indicator will be found next to the change item on this reports page:

Reports > Standard > APAP DISTRIBUTION TO GL




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