AP Payments - Check Remittance Merge Code (the Stub)



There is a new Merge Code called Check Remittance.




What is a Check Remittance?

A check remittance is a document (the STUB) sent with a check payment that provides details about the payment, such as the invoice number and amount paid.

It is helpful to the recipient in showing matching applied payment to the correct account to reconcile their records.


This Remittance Merge code must be used with blank check stock.

It will use a new check template to continue printing the remittance (the STUB) on the following check stock if/when the remittance field exceeds a row limit of 10. 


If the checks in question have pre-labeled check numbers the remittance will continue onto the next check (the STUB).


The non-changing remittance information will be duplicated and the lines proceeding the 10 lines of the first check will print on the second check.


If there are less than 10 lines the check (STUB), it will print as it normally does moving on to the next check.

If it exceeds 10 lines the next check stock will be pulled to apply the payment to the following remittance page – this will continue until all line items are accounted.


Once that is complete it will move to the next check in the printer.


This is a merge code that has the same behavior as the PRO check printing functionality EXCEPT the check (STUB) itself won’t be ‘void’ there just won't be any information printed on the check part itself.


Step By Step 

1) Merge Code Check Remittance in the Merge Code Manager


2) Example of a check template utilizing this new feature:



3) Examples of checks



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