Bug Release Week Of 2/19/24

Bug Release List:

1. **Email History on CCR Tickets Display Fix:**
- The Email History on CCR Tickets now correctly displays when emails have been sent.

2. **AR Transactions Search Enhancement:**
- The Search functionality now returns AR Transactions that were created by a job.

3. **Check Register Report Sorting Fix:**
- The various sort options on the Check Register report now consistently sort the checks as expected.

4. **1099 Report Excel Export Address Inclusion:**
- The Excel export of the 1099 report now includes the vendor's full address.

5. **Community Home Page Account Payable Tile Correction:**
- The Account Payable tile on the Community home page now shows the total amount of open invoices accurately.

6. **AP Inbox Invoices GL Account Display:**
- Invoices in the AP Inbox now consistently show the GL Account set as the distribution.

7. **Document Batches Size Limit Increase:**
- Increased the size limit on document batches that can be sent to Southdata for printing.

8. **1:1 Community Transfer First Step Failure Fix:**
- Resolved an error that was causing the 1:1 Community Transfer to fail on the first step.

These updates address various issues and improve the accuracy and functionality of the system, providing users with a more reliable and seamless experience.

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