Bug Release Week Of 2/12/24

Bug Release List:

1. **Clickable Notification Alert for Failed ACH Payments:**
- The notification alert for failed ACH payments is now clickable, redirecting users to the Payments Attention page for the respective community.

2. **Removal of Expired Payment Methods:**
- Expired payment methods can now be removed from an Owner’s profile.

3. **Consistent Advancement of Last Check Number:**
- Additional measures have been implemented to ensure the Last Check Number advances consistently.

4. **Payment Adjustments Tile Last Run Date Display:**
- The Last Run Date on the Payment Adjustments tile now accurately shows the processing date of the most recent payment adjustment.

5. **Resolution of Community Transfer Process Error:**
- Resolved an error that could occur during the Community Transfer process.

6. **Custom Portfolio Reports Sorting Fix:**
- Custom Portfolio Reports now correctly sort by Date as expected.

7. **Enhanced Error Messages for Custom Field Creation:**
- Improved the error messages displayed when creating custom fields to provide clearer information.

These enhancements and fixes aim to improve the overall functionality, user experience, and reliability of the system.

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