Bug Release Week Of 2/5/24

Bug Release List for Enumerate Central

1. **Owner AR Activity Report Export Error:**
- Resolved the issue preventing the Owner AR Activity report from exporting.

2. **Edit All Properties Duplicate Owners:**
- The Edit All Properties page no longer displays duplicate owners.

3. **Last Check Date Button Fix:**
- The Last Check Date button now correctly opens the most recently generated check for the Community.

4. **AP Make Payments Page Filter:**
- Digital payments can now be filtered for on the AP Make Payments page.

5. **Account Owner User Assignment:**
- Account Owner users can consistently assign other users to the Account Owner role.

6. **Collections Batch Owner Name Links:**
- The Owner Name links in the detail of a Collections batch now correctly redirect to the property page.

7. **Custom Portfolio Reports Performance Improvement:**
- Improved the performance of generating custom portfolio reports.

8. **Car Insurance Addition to Vendor Profile:**
- Car Insurance can now be added to a vendor’s profile.

9. **Custom Balance Sheets Fund Column Order:**
- The order of the fund columns on Custom Balance Sheets now matches the standard fund balance sheet.

10. **Admin Page Mailing Labels Availability:**
- Communities are consistently available for selection when generating mailing labels from the Admin page.

11. **Exporting Coupons Address Character Limit:**
- Increased the character limit for addresses when exporting coupons to SouthData to 40.

12. **Bank Profile Differences Alignment:**
- Differences shown on the Bank profile now match the differences in the Bank Reconciliation.

13. **AP Approval Levels Enable/Edit Errors:**
- Resolved errors preventing enabling or editing the AP Approval levels.

14. **New Tabs Opening Prevention:**
- Stopped new tabs from opening when navigating to a new Community or Property.

15. **Communities without Primary Bank Account Unenrollment:**
- Communities without a Primary Bank Account set can now unenroll from Payments.

16. **Community Page Account Payable Tile Correction:**
- The Account Payable tile on the Community page now shows the correct number of open invoices.

These fixes address various issues and enhance the functionality and usability of Enumerate Central.

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